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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfectly Created....

God doesn't create mistakes!
His loving hands had a purpose.
Just look beneath the surface.
Sweet one, look beyond the hate..
Your Father's prints cover your face.
His love will show you your way.
It is your choice, whether you go, or stay!
Your choice will not change His grace.
You are beautifully wonderful.
Fresh and new.
I have given you a love,
timeless and true.
So kind and generous.
This is what makes you, you.
Where you are,
 there is always interest.
You were made to create a stir.
You feel like it is a hindrance,
but there is a reason for all the chatter,
It might poke like a bur,
but remember you matter.
I have silenced you so you can hear.
You were chosen to get their attention.
 Take Me at My word, they will listen.
Remember a soft word is much easier to hear.
A shout can instigate doubt.
So can a pout.
The softer the melody.
The closer you will bring them to Me.
Trust, is gentle, follow this,
 and they will hear you loud and clear.

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