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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfectly Created....

God doesn't create mistakes!
His loving hands had a purpose.
Just look beneath the surface.
Sweet one, look beyond the hate..
Your Father's prints cover your face.
His love will show you your way.
It is your choice, whether you go, or stay!
Your choice will not change His grace.
You are beautifully wonderful.
Fresh and new.
I have given you a love,
timeless and true.
So kind and generous.
This is what makes you, you.
Where you are,
 there is always interest.
You were made to create a stir.
You feel like it is a hindrance,
but there is a reason for all the chatter,
It might poke like a bur,
but remember you matter.
I have silenced you so you can hear.
You were chosen to get their attention.
 Take Me at My word, they will listen.
Remember a soft word is much easier to hear.
A shout can instigate doubt.
So can a pout.
The softer the melody.
The closer you will bring them to Me.
Trust, is gentle, follow this,
 and they will hear you loud and clear.

Inside Me!!!!

How can I see.
When all I can think about is me?
 Sometimes I want to flee.
 Why can't I let myself be?
 I hear the echoes of my sighs, and I wonder why?
 I hear the sound of my own foot steps die and I just long to fly.
 Why, why, why, do I find it so hard to cry?
 I am at war!
 It is in myself, right in the core.
 This battle I can not win,but thanks to Him,
 I know I am someone He adores.
 My God will not only lovingly, but every time,
 pick me and my pieces up off of the floor.
 I just have to make sure I open every door.


                                  Oh Sister Dear, sometimes I wish you lived near.
                             My body is falling apart, but God says never my heart.
                               I think I am dying, but can the symptoms be lieing.
                                I think this is a clue, or am I messing up the view.
                                       Can everything I see from Him be true?
                                      Please, I think I need to hear it from you.
                                                 What to do, what to do?
                                                My body is icy, and achy.
                        So hard for me to even have the strength to finish my baking.
                               Infection, after infection, can get quite depressing.
                      I am a walking skeleton, and it feels like my insides are melting.
                              The pain is so severe, sometimes it grips me in fear.
                               Don't get me wrong, how I would love to be home.
                                        Yet, it is so hard to picture myself gone.
                  I look for my little God prints, but it seems like I haven't even made a dent.
                             I think I hear God's woo, but I would like your input too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Is In YOUR Hope Chest????

My hope is, before I leave. I have given You my very best.
That my life ends, with Your soft and sweet caress.
My prayer is, I have been shed of the last vestiges, of my old dress.
My hope is, that on Your behest, everyone is loved sweetly.
And never again, made to feel as a guest.
My desire is, for each one of you to know you are blest.
And God is always there, to clean up our mess.
My joy is, to know I will see, hear, and feel,
my sweet Saviour's love in the flesh.
And never again be tempted to second guess.
I am so excited to have my Lord's crest,
impressed permanently on my chest.
My hope is, to learn how once again, to relax and jest.
But more importantly, when and where to press, and not give less.
And yes, when to stop and not become a pest.
I wish to be cremated, in my Love's vest.
And my ashes scattered from East to West.
My greatest hope is, that I leave this life,
 only after I finish His quest, and with the purest of zest.
Then, and only then, my hope is, to lay down in my Father's nest.
Where I will finally have, complete and total rest.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Do You Know My Name????

                                                          Do you know my name?
                                                 Or that I like to play board games?
                                          Have you ever noticed the color of my eyes?
                                      Or ever wondered what I have hidden deep inside?
                                                       Yes, I have a favorite color.
                                   And sometimes, I just long to hide under the covers.
                                                 I desire for someone to take my hand.
                                              And be my true friend until the very end.
I love long walks under the stars.
 And taking cross country trips in the car.
 Have you ever noticed my hunger?
 Or that I am not getting any younger?
 I silently try to follow my destiny.
Yet, still I ponder my own testimony.
 Do you see how I wish to give?
 Or that it can be difficult, just to live?
Do you want to know my greatest wish?
 It is to receive, one sweet kiss.
 It wouldn't go amiss.
 Instead, it would feel like wonderful bliss.
You give me a hug.
 Then sweep me under the rug.
Sometimes you shake my hand.
Then carry on, down the land.
Some of you kiss my cheek.
 But you don't really take any notice of me.
You may ask how I am, as you nod your head.
Then turn to the next man.
The words love you, can seem so untrue.
 How about you?
 Or haven't you ever noticed me too?
 I hate goodbyes.
They make me cry.
 I like to sleep on my right side.
 I take my coffee with sugar and cream.
 And I need help interpreting my dreams.
 I have a heart, and when it is struck by a fiery dart.
 It can be torn all apart.
 I am still searching for my place.
 How I yearn for my Saviour's face.
 In this world it is so hard to find a trace.
 But I ache for a sweet embrace.
You might call me sister.
 But Mister, I think you are missing the whole picture.
 Everyone needs a gentle touch.
 It can be such a sweet rush.
 But instead under such weight,
 I feel like I may be crushed.
We are to love our God.
 With all of our hearts,
all of our souls,
 all of our minds,
 and all of our strength.
Just as importantly,
 we are to love our neighbors, as we love ourselves.
Have you ever noticed me?
 Or am I just someone you can't see?
 I too have a voice.
 And you have a choice.
Will you help me to rejoice?
 Together, it would be easy to bring joy,
 to every girl and boy.
 To love, you must go deep.
 I repeat, dig deep.
This information, you must keep.
 Some things, will take a giant leap.
 Listen to every peep.
 Love Me, and love you will reap.
 Let My words seep.
 Be the one, to whom, they can weep.
 Do you know my name?
 Or that I like to play board games?

Short Story....

The greatest stories are those untold.
And they create the greatest beauty,
when they unfold.

Defeated At Last....

I told you her enemies,
would be under My feet.
I will defeat.
As soon as she finishes My plan,
I am bringing her home,
to My promise land.
She will sit on My knee.
And finally rest here with Me.